Pickup Rewinds/Potting

  I rewind single coil  and humbucker pickups. No stacked coils ,  also no repairs on pickups that were dipped in epoxy. 

I will attempt to repair your pickup first. If the attempt is not successful, I will remove the old winding and rewind the pickup. Newly rewound pickup will be potted. Potting is included in the price. 

Potting is the process of submersing  the pickup in hot paraffin wax for about 20 minutes. If your pickup tends to feedback uncontrollably or you can actually "talk into the pickup" and hear your voice through your amp, chances are,  it’s microphonic. The cure for a microphonic pickup more often than not is Potting.

Pickup Potting…….…..$15 each
Pickup Repair:
such as  broken lead,
cold solder connection……. $25 each
If the pickup cannot be repaired  and needs to be rewound.…………$75 - $100 each

Odd ball pickups will be charged a setup fee.